• 15.10.2021
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Vuzragore | 18.10.2021
Baby mi dick 22 cm
Kakinos | 19.10.2021
Some of the eateries by my house are charging a surcharge in support of raising minimum wage. I would rather just have them raise their prices then charge me 17bucks for a burger and an additional surcharge to pay employees (which i have no clue is going in their pocket or not) plus the traditional 15-20%
Tarr | 21.10.2021
For a lesbo initiation, I am here!
JoJor | 22.10.2021
I kind of cheered at that scene, just because GoT would have made a wicked left in a direction I was not expecting.
Kagakinos | 23.10.2021
Belo rab√£o heim!

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